The day of your departure is fixed directly by your doctor. The latter will make a final visit before leaving your room. Do not hesitate to discuss with him any questions or concerns such as the date of a next appointment, the prescribed drug treatment or information related to the dressing. Our entire healthcare team will be at your disposal to help you with the rest of your treatment or convalescence.

We will also give you several documents: x-ray, biological assessment, reports, prescription, prescription, etc., as well as your personal medications.

When you leave, we invite you to notify our nursing staff and reception that you are leaving the clinic. Whenever possible, we would be grateful if you could vacate your room no later than 3:00 p.m. and make sure that nothing is left in the room.

We recommend that you tell one of your relatives to pick you up on the day of your outing. If you wish, our teams can also arrange for you to order a taxi to pick you up from the clinic.


The invoice for your stay will be established on the day of your departure and will also include the extras ordered from our various departments (visitor meals, upgrades, laundry service, etc.). The global invoice will be given to you on the day of your leave to be paid directly with our invoicing and accounting services on the ground floor or on the 1st floor.

Share your opinion

As part of our policy of continuous improvement and culture of quality, we invite you to share with us your opinion on the care and hotel services received throughout your journey. A form to this effect will be given to you during your stay, which will only be intended for the management of the clinic.