The medical analysis laboratory Avicenne is a multidisciplinary structure dedicated to the sampling and analysis of various human biological fluids, offering physicians scientific support for the diagnosis and therapeutic monitoring of their patient. Biological analysis is a powerful tool for physicians and an important step in identifying, confirming or excluding the causes of pathology in the patient.

The Avicenne laboratory offers a wide range of biological analysis and provides a quality, fast and efficient service in various laboratory areas:

    • Biochemistry or clinical chemistry: for example for blood sugar analyzes, urinalysis, kidney or liver function, lipid balance or even blood gases
    • Hormonology: field of endocrinology (progesterone, FSH / LH, testosterone, ..)
    • Hematology: blood components, group, coagulation, etc.
    • Immunology: analysis of the body’s defense reactions
    • Serology: blood test (serum), search for antibodies

The biologists and specialists of the Avicenne laboratory provide you with a reliable and rapid interpretation of the results while ensuring a permanent dialogue with the attending physician. Our trained staff are always available to answer all inquiries, especially urgent analysis requests on a 24/7 basis.


We also have dedicated premises for the blood sampling service for outpatients, located on the ground floor of the clinic Avicenne.

The clinic Avicenne also has a spermiology laboratory dedicated to sperm analysis, which is an integral part of the Avicenne fertility Center.

As part of our policy of continuous improvement and culture of quality, the clinic Avicenne has since its establishment introduced a quality management system for all of its activities. This includes the standardization of procedures and processes, risk management, continuous staff training and patient satisfaction.

To make an appointment, we invite you to contact our center or simply go to the reception at the main lobby of the Avicenne clinic. Our receptionists will be happy to guide you.


Clinic Avicenne CPMA

Medical Analysis Laboratory

01 C Route d’El Meridj, RN 133, Constantine


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Opening hours

Sunday to Thursday: from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Saturday : from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m.