Company Profile

The clinic Avicenne was initiated out of an ambitious program of specialized and state-of-the-art healthcare facility aiming to ensure and meet the strong demand for medical care in the region, a demand that keep on growing constantly.

The institution is located on the suburbs of the city of Constantine in a green and serene environment, far from the undesirable effects that can be felt in the city center such as air particle pollution or noise pollution.

Our multidisciplinary institution provide acute and intensive care is several specialties, such as assisted reproduction technology, gynecology-obstetrics, urology, general surgery, gastroenterology, visceral surgery and diagnostic radiology.

We also have a medical emergency service 7 days a week, medical imaging center of excellence, high quality biological analysis laboratory, consultation area with 5 consultation rooms on the 1st floor, an outpatient service, a diagnostic and operative endoscopy center, maternity ward, medical fertility center, surgical department and an intensive care unit.

We provide you with excellent medical skills, state-of-the-art infrastructure, a high-level technical platform and high-quality hotel services all in an exceptional environment combining tradition and modernity.

Always constantly evolving and constantly seeking excellence and technological innovation to adapt to patient’s needs, we are committed to providing you with patient-centered, optimal and comfortable care.



Our mission is to provide our patients and future mothers with excellent medical care and comfort within a calm and intimate environment.

Quality, safety and reliability are our watchwords in our efforts to ensure optimal and patient-centered care.

The clinic Avicenne is committed to:

    • Make sure every patient benefit with excellent quality of care
    • Ensure collaboration between highly qualified doctors recognized in their specialty
    • Provide cutting-edge medical infrastructure
    • Provide high quality accommodation services to meet the needs and requirements of every patient and his/her families.


Our vision is to build a benchmark environment in its field and in its healthcare services offered within the clinic. As a private clinic, the institution must be attentive and always offer the best healthcare services by following the standards and norms of good practice.

The management as well as all employees have set their target positioning the clinic Avicenne as a reference among private clinics in Algeria and in the Maghreb region, a quest towards medical excellence that we constantly strive day to day to achieve offering the patient the best possible patient journey experience.


We believe that in order to provide optimal care, we have a duty to treat our patients as if we were treating a child or a loved one. Based on this ideology, the Clinic Avicenne finds its commitment to uphold the values on which it was founded:

    • Patient-centered medical care
    • Loyalty, Righteousness and Respect
    • Quality, Ethics and Efficiency of medical services
    • Encourage innovative and dynamic spirit
    • Respect of the environment
    • Excellence


Our top priority is to provide the patient with the best possible medical care and hospitality services. Patient-centered medicine and hotel management are both area of interest in our day to day work. Placing people at the heart of our efforts, we constantly strive to achieve a high level satisfaction for patients, doctors and employees.

Our efforts are constantly directed to ensure:

    • High quality of medical care
    • A full range of care services
    • The safety of people
    • A high-level infrastructure with a continuous adaptation
    • An appropriate human resources policy
    • Continuous training of employees
    • Constantly searching for improvement in our services