Before the stay:

Before giving birth, we offer you the opportunity to register with the Avicenne maternity and have a personalized prenatal interview with one of our midwives. We invite you to contact us at: +213 31 xxx xxx.

If you feel that the time has come to go to the Avicenne clinic, do not hesitate to notify our teams at the same number +213 31 xxx xxx, day or night.

Administrative documents :

In order our teams can ensure you optimal and safe care on D-Day, we ask the mother-to-be to first complete the following documents:

    • Admission questionnaire, which you can complete directly online
    • Anesthesia questionnaire, to be completed and presented on the day of your admission
    • Cover form by your health insurance (CNAS, or other)

If you wish, our staff will take care of taking the necessary steps to obtain the birth declaration from the civil registry. We thank you for bringing the following documents:

    • Family booklet for married couples in Algeria,


    • Passport or identity card of both parents with marriage certificate

The birth certificate will be issued to you by the civil registry of the city of Constantine.

The day of your departure:

On the day of your discharge from the Avicenne maternity ward, we would be grateful if you could vacate your room no later than 3:00 p.m. and make sure that nothing is left in the room.

We invite you to announce your departure to our nursing staff and to the clinic reception.

We recommend that you tell one of your relatives to pick you up on the day of your departure. If you wish, our teams can also arrange for you to order a taxi to pick you up from the clinic.


Your invoice will be established on the day of your departure and will also include the extras ordered from our various departments (visitor meals, upgrades, laundry service, etc.). The global invoice will be given to you on the day of your exit, to be paid directly with our invoicing and accounting services on the ground floor and on the 1st floor.

Health Insurance and Social Coverage:

The clinic Avicenne plans to sign tariff agreements with the National Social Insurance Fund for Employees (CNAS) and the National Social Security Fund for Non-Employees (CASNOS).

Without medical insurance or social coverage, you can give birth at the Avicenne maternity ward with the package of your choice. We invite you to contact our services on 031,000,000 or using the following form for more information.

The Electronic Medical Record EMR:

The computerized patient record is the result of the current evolution of medicine with medical informatics. The EMR represents the patient’s health record stored electronically in a digital format. Your health information is collected throughout your healthcare journey within the clinic and provides a global view of your information (history of care, history of stays, medical and paramedical data such as allergies or current treatments, administrative information).

Thanks to secure archiving and complete centralization of your medical data, the EMR can significantly improve the quality and safety of care administered within the establishment, while respecting strict confidentiality.

EMR offers many benefits for both patients and caregivers. In particular, it allows:

    • Full traceability of care
    • The safety of patient medical data
    • Personalization of the patient’s stay
    • Optimization of the quality of care thanks to better transparency, portability and accessibility of information.

Contact us

We invite you to contact us if you have any questions regarding your stay or any other request by one of the following means of communication:

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    Maternity reservation service opening hours

    Saturday to Thursday : 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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