Diagnostic endoscopy, also called fibroscopy, is a medical examination that allows a doctor to visually explore the inside of the body, which is inaccessible to the naked eye. As part of the medical services offered by the Avicenne outpatient center, endoscopy is a rapid diagnostic method where all of the intervention does not exceed a few hours.

In contrast to endosurgery (laparoscopy), endoscopy allows establishing a diagnosis at the request of a colleague, and does not require any incision. The technique involves inserting a thin flexible or rigid tube inside the body, equipped with a video camera and a lighting system. This instrument is called an endoscope. The resulting image is then transmitted to a screen where the physician can view a specific organ or a region inside the body.

Depending on the type of procedure planned and the region of the body targeted, the endoscopic examination is called:

    • Gastroscopy: exploration of the esophagus or stomach. Also called upper digestive endoscopy. It is performed using a gastroscope
    • Colonoscopy: exploration of the colon. This exam is part of a lower digestive endoscopy. The instrument used is a colonoscope
    • Bronchoscopy: exploration of the bronchi using a bronchoscope
    • Cystoscopy: exploration of the bladder. This exam is in the field of urology
    • Laparoscopy: allows physicians to view the entire abdominal cavity as well as the surface of the viscera (liver, gall bladder, etc.)
    • Hysteroscopy: gynecological examination to observe the cervix, the cavity of the uterus and the endometrium. In some cases, it can be performed for therapeutic purposes under general anesthesia.

With the exception of laparoscopy which is performed under general anesthesia, all endoscopic examinations are generally performed under locoregional anesthesia.

The Avicenne endoscopy department has 2 endoscopy rooms equipped with the latest medical technologies with an infrastructure suitable for diagnostic endoscopy. The entire team of doctors and nursing staff are permanently committed to provide rapid and optimal care to patients.