The ART fertility center is one of the various centers and institutes within the clinic Avicenne. Being part of the clinic, the CPMA Avicenne offers a set of latest generation techniques and resources aimed at helping and supporting subfertile couples in conceiving a child. Our main philosophy and mission is to provide the couple with complete and personalized care.

Assisted Reproductive Medicine, consists of a set of clinical and biological practices where medicine is involved in the investigation and treatment of male and female infertility, always having the objective of inducing pregnancy that does not happen spontaneously and naturally.

Clinically, the CPMA Avicenne takes care of all gynecological and andrological aspects of infertility:

    • Exploration
    • Ovarian stimulation
    • Intrauterine insemination with the sperm of the partner IAC (also called Artificial Insemination)
    • Oocyte puncture
    • Embryo transfer
    • Testicular puncture

On the biological side, the ART laboratory takes care of all the biological aspects of the treatment:

    • Preparation of gametes
    • In vitro fertilization IVF
    • Micro-Injection ICSI 
    • Freezing (oocyte, sperm)
    • Preservation of embryos

The CPMA Avicenne has a multidisciplinary and qualified team to support couples throughout their journey and desire for a child. It includes more than twenty employees, naming:

    • Gynecologists: specialized in reproductive medicine and gynecological endocrinology
    • Urological doctors: specialized in andrology and sexology
    • Medical biologists: play an essential role in establishing the diagnosis and the therapeutic choice to be determined. They work in synergy with other doctors.
    • Embryologists: working in close collaboration with biologists, they take care of your oocytes and spermatozoa, and ensure the proper development of the embryos.
    • Nurses and medical assistants: support couples throughout their care journey.
    • The psychologist: psychological advisor for couples who support them during and after the procedure and discuss with them the emotional impact. 
    • Secretaries: responsible for administrative tasks

In order to allow members of its team to work in excellent conditions and to exchange clinical information in a direct way, the ART center Avicenne offers an optimal architectural layout and high-tech laboratory equipment, especially with the latest embryoscope, Time Lapse which allows increased safety to the embryo. Each stage of diagnosis and treatment is therefore optimized.

As part of our policy of continuous improvement and culture of quality, we are constantly carrying out clinical research work to improve and optimize current therapeutic approaches, such as ovarian stimulation, ICSI micro-injection, pre-implantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) or in the exploration of innovative approaches such as immunomodulation.