The entire Avicenne maternity team looks forward to welcoming you to provide you with a variety of services and personalized care.

With us, you can count on comprehensive, individual and family-centered care. Our experienced team of midwives, nursing staff and doctors provide you with competent and safe support before, during and after the birth of your child.

The Avicenne maternity unit is distinguished by a modern and adapted medical infrastructure and offers you a family atmosphere to make you feel perfectly well. We do everything we can to ensure you the best possible care throughout this wonderful and life-changing adventure. Our medical staff remains always attentive and sensitive to your individual needs and those of your baby.

Childbirth is an adventure of a lifetime. Here is your itinerary in the Avicenne maternity ward:

Often taken care of by her gynecologist at the beginning of her pregnancy, the pregnant woman must contact the clinic or the maternity department for the delivery. 5 key stages mark out the journey of a woman who will give birth in the maternity ward:

  • The last hospital prenatal consultation. During this consultation, the doctor will check the progress of your pregnancy. He does not routinely perform an obstetrical examination or ultrasound except in the case of a medical indication.
  • Arrival in the emergency room for delivery. The emergency department is there to welcome and reassure women. A pregnant woman must know that she can come to the emergency service at any time for reasons other than childbirth, for a pregnancy check-up in case of concern, for example.
  • The delivery room. This is the place where the child will be born.
  • The postpartum, that is, the stay in the maternity ward after childbirth. This phase after childbirth is when mother and child will learn to know each other. The help and advice of the midwife is particularly valuable, especially for the daily care of the child, and the preparation for the return home. The team around you is made up of midwives, doctors, nurses, and other hospital staff. The length of stay in the maternity ward during childbirth is decided in agreement with the gynecologist, pediatrician, midwife and mother. It can vary from 1 to 2 days in case of natural and uncomplicated birth. Longer stays are planned in case of a problem or simply if the mother feels very tired or if the baby needs a little longer monitoring due to jaundice, for example.
  • Return back home

This is the typical journey for a childbirth knowing that sometimes certain unpredictable events can modify this journey.

The gynecologist may decide, in agreement with the pregnant woman, to schedule a date for a cesarean delivery in advance. In this case, the length of stay in the maternity hospital usually varies from 2 to 3 days.

Childbirth step by step:

A multidisciplinary team made up of midwives, nurses is always ready at the Avicenne maternity to welcome you and assist you along this life-changing and wonderful adventure.

Before birth

On request from you or your gynecologist, the monitoring of your pregnancy (patient and fetus) or a prenatal consultation can be carried out in our maternity department or during gynecological consultation.

At any time during your pregnancy or after childbirth, our teams of midwives and gynecologists will be available to answer all your questions.

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The birth

What are the signs of the onset of labor before childbirth?

How is a natural delivery and a scheduled cesarean?

What should you expect? Will your gynecologist be present?

What is an epidural? Is it possible to have during childbirth?

Here you will find the answers to the most frequently asked questions.

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The stay

During your stay at the Avicenne maternity department, our specialized teams will be at your disposal throughout this wonderful adventure to ensure you complete care in a calm and soothing infrastructure offering mothers and their families a favorable environment to welcoming your new child.

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After birth

Your baby is here? Congratulations! We remain at your disposal to assist you during the first days of the newborn and we offer you the best conditions for your recovery and best care for the baby.

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Useful Information

Insurance, Billing, Personalized visit of the Avicenne maternity unit, Electronic medical record, Contact, FAQ, here you will find everything you need to know and the answers to your most frequent questions.

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Do not hesitate to contact us if you wish to make an appointment or simply request general information, by using the contact form below, writing us at the email address below or calling us directly by phone. Our teams are always ready and will be happy to answer all your questions as soon as possible.

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