What we offer

The clinic Avicenne regularly recruits new qualified employees. Join the “Avicenne” team and put your skills at the service of health and people.

We offer optimal conditions in a pleasant environment and do our best to provide you a professional and serene environment. We are convinced that your well-being at work is the key to your success and performance. Join the “Avicenne” family today and be part of a large network of international healthcare professionals.

The quality of our services depends directly on the professionalism of our collaborators. This is our most serious asset.

We do everything in our power to support them in their professional development within the Avicenne clinic.

Besides, it is essential to us to maintain close and privileged collaboration with all our doctors and various partners.

Our employees consider the clinic Avicenne to be a first-class provider thanks to the excellence of our care services and our infrastructure in the region.

They all share and respect our values ​​and are distinguished by the following qualities:

  • Placing the patient at the center of our priorities throughout their journey within the Clinic
  • Expertise in their area of ​​work,
  • Respect, trust and transparency. Excellent communication.
  • Team spirit and performance
  • Understanding of the private sector
  • Personal motivation and a willingness to continuously to learn
  • Ability to adapt to changes

Balance between Private and. Professional life

We believe that a good balance between personal, professional and family life should always be sought in order to improve well-being at work. We offer all our employees flexible working conditions and schedules where each mother or father has the opportunity to reconcile their personal commitments with their professional activities.


The health and well-being of our staff

The clinic Avicenne offers all kinds of services and programs to its employees to help them improve and maintain impeccable physical and mental shape. In addition, thanks to the various training and continuous improvement programs offered within the institution, our staff have access to nutrition courses or health seminars, which would help them on how to eat well and take care of themselves. The restaurant Avicenne offers a varied and balanced menu every day.

Benefits and More

All our staff have access to a number of services offered by the clinic Avicenne. The restaurant Avicenne offers top quality menus accessible at very reasonable prices. Hot drinks such as tea or coffee, and mineral water are provided free of charge throughout the institution.

At the professional level, we support all our employees in their training and continuous improvement initiative.

On the other hand, the behavior and performance of our staff is constantly evaluated, and if deserved, is rewarded.

Wage policy

We practice a fair and equitable remuneration towards all our collaborators. Our basic salaries are aligned with those of the local market, however we also offer numerous social benefits, bonuses and gratuities. Salary bonuses are linked to the performance of each employee in achieving the general objectives that management has set for themselves.

We frequently conduct studies on wages and working conditions and recruitment in the local market.


All of our full-time employees are entitled to 30 days of paid leave per year.

Seniority bonus

The clinic Avicenne wishes to reward employees for their loyalty and performance with a seniority bonus. This distinction is materialized by additional vacation days per year or an end-of-year performance bonus.

Insurance and indemnities in the case of illness and accident

All our employees are insured with the CNAS in the event of illness and accident..

Pension fund (retirement)

In addition to indemnity insurance in the event of illness and accident, a portion intended for the pension or retirement fund is paid to the CNAS by the Avicenne clinic for each employee. These shares exceed legal obligations and the employee has the option of choosing the appropriate pension plan.

Maternity leave

All our employees benefit from 90 days paid maternity leave.