Surgery is an important specialty of medicine that is part of the treatment by operative intervention (incision and suture) of diseases, deformities or injuries. The surgery is performed in an operating theater dedicated for this purpose.

Most surgeons specialize in a certain area of ​​the body, such as the abdomen, heart, or blood vessels.

Nowadays, modern technologies and new surgical techniques such as laser and laparoscopy (surgical endoscopy) are being used more and more, and this allows to better improve the treatment and recovery of the patient.

The clinic Avicenne counts among its specialties:

    • Visceral or digestive surgery involving the abdomen
    • Thoracic surgery which concerns interventions at the thoracic level, especially the lungs
    • Gynecological surgery where the gynecological surgeon works on the female genitalia. In contrast to obstetrics, which concerns treatments for pregnant women
    • Urology involving the male genital tract and performed by a specialist urologist.

The clinic Avicenne is equipped with advanced infrastructure and technology; surgical facilities that allow surgeons to perform all kinds of procedures with greater performance and safety.

Our operating theaters are, among other things, equipped with the latest generation video-surgery system for recording or live transmission of surgical procedures.