The ART center Avicenne was established under the impetus of various specialists experienced in medicine and reproductive biology in order to best address and respond to the growing demand observed in Algeria. The center starts operating at the same time as the private clinic Avicenne, in 2021, and benefits from an entire level of the clinic to ensure its patients a complete and unique care.

The premises of the ART Avicenne center are located on the 4th floor of the institution and are composed of:

    • A reception area in complete privacy
    • Gynecology and urology consultation rooms
    • A space for clinical treatments (examination room, operating room)
    • Laboratories specializing in production biology and andrology for diagnosis and biological treatments


The ART center offers you a set of latest generation techniques and materials aimed at helping and supporting hypofertile couples through personalized care, essentially in the following areas:

    • Fertility diagnosis: exploration and investigation,
    • Fertility treatment and realization of the desire to have a child,
    • Preservation of fertility: preservation of gametes (sperm and oocyte)


Besides, we are developing a privileged partnership with centers specializing in reproductive genetics in order to provide you with a set of analyzes for a possible genetic diagnosis.


Why choose the medical fertility center Avicenne :


  1. The search of excellence:

As soon as it starts operating, the ART center Avicenne is committed to providing a reference center in the treatment of fertility on a local, national and international scale. Our doctors and biologists aim to actively participate in numerous scientific and medical committees in order to ensure personalized and quality treatment to its patients.

  1. Rapid support and a comprehensive approach :

Our specialists do their best to welcome you and help you find answers to all your questions, whether medical, biological or psychological. The patients are at the center of our concerns.

  1. A qualified and experienced team :

At the ART center Avicenne, you will be taken care by the best specialists in the field of assisted reproduction. The center has entered into strategic partnerships and multidisciplinary collaboration on an international scale with many recognized specialists in their field.

  1. A suitable infrastructure design and a state-of-the-art laboratory equipments :

Particular attention has been paid to the design and optimization of the premises of the ART center Avicenne in order to improve the quality of care for couples. The ART laboratory has acquired state-of-the-art equipment to increase the chances of success and pregnancy. Our laboratory is the only one in Algeria to have the new generation Embryoscope Timelapse incubator.

  1. Everything in one place :

The clinic Avicenne has focused its activities around fertility treatment by adopting a couples-centered approach. Our mission is to offer patients complete and personalized care. Therefore, our institution has brought together in the same place: consultation rooms in gynecology and urology, examination room, operating room, IVF and andrology laboratories, biological analysis laboratory, medical imaging center as well as a psychological support to optimize your care in a fast and efficient way.

  1. Easy access:

The ART center Avicenne is located on the outskirts of the city of Constantine away from the congestion that we may face in the city center. Located on the national road RN133, a rapid road access is provided via the A1 east-west highway just 5 minutes from the El Meridj highway exit, and a 15-minute drive from El Meridj International Airport Mohamed Boudiaf. The El Meridj forest located a few minutes away from the clinic offers a space for relaxation and privileged calm.

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