Throughout your stay at the clinic Avicenne, you have the visit of your family and loved ones every day from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m., unless otherwise advised by medical advice. Our nursing staff will tell you if necessary whether a visit is indicated or not.

If a treatment needs to be performed or the doctor needs to speak with the patient, the nurse will simply ask the visitor (s) to withdraw for a while.

For intensive care and resuscitation service, visits are made on request. Only close relatives are allowed to enter, one person at a time.

If one or more visitors wish to share a meal, it is sufficient to inform the staff on site, preferably the day before.

Maternity: visits are recommended in the afternoons. Dads are free to come at anytime

Intensive care: visits only for close relatives, on request. Flowers and plants strictly prohibited.

Recovery area: unauthorized visits.